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Starchaser Industries is a privately held, high technology company involved in the development, operation and commercialisation of products and services which enable new space related business opportunities. Starchaser provides safe, reliable, affordable and reusable access to space for both the Space Tourism and micro-satellite launch markets.

Founded in 1992 by current CEO Steve Bennett, the company is staffed by a highly skilled, innovative and motivated workforce based at its research & development, assembly and integration facility in Hyde, Cheshire, UK. Steve Bennett also serves as the Director of Space Technology at the University of Salford. Indeed, it's Steve's enthusiasm for education that led Starchaser Industries to established the now highly successful Educational Programme that engages with both schools and the general public.

Starchaser's educational activities complement the UK national curriculum and help inspire and motivate students at all levels in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They encourage students to pursue further education and higher education at the graduate and doctorate levels.

The Starchaser Educational Programme

Under the branding of SPACE4SCHOOLS, the foundations of the programme are:

One of the greatest concerns to educators is how to bring subject materials to life so that students become enthusiastic about the subject and apply the experience across other curricula and to other parts of their lives. Merely reading and memorizing subject matter is not as effective and does not arouse a student's curiosity to learn. Retaining the flavour of learning, gaining new insight and having fun doing it is what SPACE4SCHOOLS is all about.

SPACE4SCHOOLS presentations excite and inspire pupils. Our intense multimedia experience can be delivered to any size group of any ability.

In exploring science and other curricula in our programmes students encounter experiences much like the great researchers they only read about in class. In practical sessions your students can design, conduct and modify their own experiments. They construct the very tools necessary to observe their experiment, collect data and verify their hypothesis.

To assist you in developing and refining your students' learning skills, we at SPACE4SCHOOLS take pride in making available to you the most comprehensive range of services possible.
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About Starchaser
1. To ignite curiosity and creativity through interactive exploration of the subject using rocketry as a focus.
2. To provide an integrated resource of outreach materials that will send your students' enthusiasm into orbit!