Bringing science to life...
Expand your Educational experience by taking advantage of these fantastic and varied programmes, covering subjects ranging from space travel to the exploration of our Solar System.

These immersive educational packages have direct links to the National Curriculum.
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Our interactive shows cover a wide range of topics from the creation of the Universe (chemistry) to the development of Starchaser rocket engines (physics).

SPACE4SCHOOLS regularly update show content keeping them fresh and exciting whilst always linking back to the curriculum.

Using visual stimuli, SPACE4SCHOOLS shows will introduce a wow factor to any event giving the best possible learning experience for pupils!
SPACE4SCHOOLS workshops cover multiple curriculum and syllabus areas and are suitable for any age group or key stage.

With topics that include science (chemistry and physics), technology (D&T and IT), engineering (rocket propulsion) and mathematics (forces & trigonometry) there's something for everyone.

Hands-on science doesn't get more exciting than one of our Rocket Factories (1, 2, PLUS, or START) where students can build and fly their own model rockets!
Our cutting edge educational programme is fast paced, inspirational and covers a wide range of space and science topics. All presentations have been designed to contribute to the delivery of the national curriculum and have been created by the experienced SPACE4SCHOOLS team.

The spirit and determination of the Starchaser team, and an illustration of the work required to build a British space mission, are great motivators for any audience. Dramatic AV footage of test flights and engine firings are used to bring the stories to life!
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