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Team Starchaser Presentation
Introducing the Starchaser Rocketry program.
Suitable for any age this fast paced presentation looks at our history, activities, projects and future missions.

The appropriate Scientific explanations are included to allow audiences to understand Starchaser's technology.

The presentation focuses on the spirit, the determination of the Starchaser team and the work required to build a British Space mission; a great motivator for all.

Subject Area(s)
Science and Technology

Key Stages
All key stages

Learning Points:

Time Requirements:

Group / Class Size:

Space Requirements:
Seating space for audience

Equipment Requirements:

Generally when the talk is given whilst a Starchaser rocket is on site, the talk includes a brief trip to visit the rocket, and a question & answer session.
Forces and motion, targeted to appropriate age group.
Earth's gravitational field and it's relevance to space flight.
The chemical reactions involved in a rocket engine.
Rocket Science
Historical events
Set-Up Time                15 Minutes
Duration                      30-50 Minutes each
Reset time                   5 Minutes
Set down time             15 Minutes
Data projector
Screen and speakers (in general built in and PC speakers are inadequate for the task)