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Rocket Technology Day
A full day activity in which students are introduced to the world of rocket technology, the day is divided into three stages each designed to follow on from the previous one.

The day will culminate in the spectacular launching of the students rockets.

Subject Area(s)
Science, Technology

Key Stages
Ideal for Key Stages 3 and 4

Learning Points:

Time Requirements:

Group / Class Size:
80 maximum (building rockets in groups of 4)

Space Requirements:

Equipment Requirements:

Maximum group size of 40 working in pairs
The history of space travel
Newtonian physics and its relationship to rocket propulsion
General structure and function of rockets
Chemistry of rocket propulsion
Set-Up Time                30 Minutes
Duration                      1 day
Set down time             30 Minutes
Presentation – seating space for audience
Propulsion Lab – presentation area including two tables with a minimum clearance of 2 metres to audience
Rocket Factory – area for construction with flat surfaces (e.g. tables)
Outdoor area for launching (minimum size of a football pitch)
TO GO BOLDLY – an interactive presentation in which the audience is led through man's most important space achievements, from the first rockets to the new space race… the private space industry.
PROPULSION LAB – this visually impressive show full of explosive experiments and demonstrations will serve as an introduction to how rocket engines work. From the Newtonian principles behind flight to the firing of a real rocket engine… it is a great link between theory and science in action.
ROCKET FACTORY – closely supervised by SPACE4SCHOOLS staff, students will have the opportunity to put theory into practice by building their own rockets. A variety of models (up to 1 metre in height!) will be supplied all of which are safe, reliable and reusable.
Data projector
Screen and speakers (in general computer speakers are inadequate for the task)
Suitable surfaces for cutting and glueing