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Rocket Factory 2
A practical activity in which pupils build and fly a real solid motor powered rocket. The 3 hour sessions building and flying the models are closely supervised by SPACE4SCHOOLS staff to ensure that the models are constructed to the high standard required to fly. The Staff are also on hand to explain the workings of the rocket and the subtleties of the design and construction process.

Models vary in size between 20-50cm tall and flights vary in altitude between 100-300m.
The models are safe, reliable and reusable.

Subject Area(s)

Science, Technology

Key Stages
Ideal for Key Stages 3 and 4

Learning Points:

Time Requirements:

Group / Class Size:
40 maximum

Space Requirements:

Equipment Requirements:
Suitable surfaces for cutting and glueing

Maximum group size of 40 working in pairs
Workings of the rockets
Design and construction of rockets
Chemistry of rocket engines
Set-Up Time                15 Minutes
Duration                      day
Reset time                  10 Minutes
Set down time             20 Minutes
Area for rocket construction with flat surfaces (i.e. tables, hall floor)
Outdoor area for launching such as playground