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Propulsion Lab Show
The propulsion lab consists of demonstrations, videos and activities on the theme of propulsion. The show is an exciting visual display focusing on Starchaser's development of rocket engines.

Starting with a demonstration of Newtonian mechanics leading to how they apply to space flight and rocket science. The videos will enable participants to comprehend the complexities and power of getting into space, whilst a series of experiments will educate and entertain.

Subject Area(s)


Key Stages
Ideal for Key Stages 3 and 4

Learning Points:

Time Requirements:

Group / Class Size:
80 maximum

Space Requirements:

Equipment Requirements:
Suitable surfaces for cutting and glueing

It is strongly advised that Smoke detection equipment be disabled within and near to the performance area.
Newtonian mechanics
Chemical equations in relation to rocketry
Thrust and how it is generated
Forces on rockets during flight
Set-Up Time                20 Minutes
Duration                      50 Minutes
Reset time                  10 Minutes
Set down time             20 Minutes
Data projector
Screen and speakers (in general built in and PC speakers are inadequate for the task)
2 x tables