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One Small Step (Seniour)
This presentation explores Earth's only natural satellite - the Moon. What it's made of, why it's there and how man's fascination has led us to taking our first steps on its surface.

Photographs and video footage from the Apollo missions allow us to follow the build up and ground breaking journey of Apollo 11 - inspiring kids with a sense of awe over man's ultimate achievement. Pupils will also get the opportunity to discuss whether the moon landings actually occurred and the future of man on the Moon!.

Subject Area(s)

Key Stages
Ideal for Key Stages 3 and 4

Learning Points:

Time Requirements:

Group / Class Size:

Space Requirements:
Seating space for audience

Equipment Requirements:

No additional notes
Relevance and interpretation of historical events
Forces and gravity
Rocket mechanics
Orbits and relationship to seasons
Analysis of speed and acceleration graphs
Set-Up Time                15 Minutes
Duration                      50 Minutes
Reset time                   5 Minutes
Set down time             15 Minutes
Data projector
Screen and speakers (in general built in and PC speakers are inadequate for the task)