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General information
Starchaser's 'SPACE4SCHOOLS' sessions are booked in half day blocks.
Neither the timings of the sessions, nor the age groups that they are suitable for, are strictly limited.
The sessions fall broadly into two groups: packages, and individual sessions that can be repeated throughout the day.

The package is suitable for ALL AGES and is available for half and full day bookings.
Team Starchaser Presentation (50 Minutes): See below.
It Came From Outer Space (20 Minutes): A handling session with space and rocketry artefacts.
Rocket Factory 1 (60 Minutes): See below.
Model Rocket Launch (20 Minutes): A demonstration of one of Starchaser's model rockets.

Space Exploration is specifically aimed at KEY STAGE 2 to link in with the topics that most pupils study in year 5.
Our Solar System Talk (60 Minutes): A talk on the Solar System with images and videos of the planets.
Plamingo (20 minutes): A fun quiz to test and reinforce the topics in the Our Solar System Talk.
Alien Impressions (20 minutes): Design an alien for a moon/planet in our Solar System.
The Search for Life (40 minutes): Is there life out there? This discussion delves into the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.

Both packages consist of 4 distinct parts. The packages can be expanded to a full day programme by repeating sections 2 and 3 during the afternoon, and delaying the final session till the end of the day.

There are three presentations offered to Key Stage 1 and 2 groups.


(max 80 pupils / session: 2 sessions per half day)

The timings included withing the website indicate times for individual sessions.

Typically the sessions would be repeated within a booking block, i.e. 4 sessions of 45 minutes within a morning for Rocket Factory 1.
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Booking Notes for Starchaser SPACE4SCHOOLS - Junior Visits
TEAM STARCHASER; which is suitable for large groups and a mixed age range.
Suitable for any age this fast paced presentation looks at our history, activities, projects and future missions.
The appropriate scientific explanations are included to allow audiences to understand Starchaser's technology.
AT HOME IN SPACE; which is suitable for large groups and a mixed age range.
From the affects on our bodies of getting into space and the long term considerations of day to day life to the forming of colonies on other planets, this presentation will raise questions about what 'home' really is.
ONE SMALL STEP; which is suitable for large groups and a mixed age range.
This presentation explores Earth's only natural satellite - the Moon. What it's made of, why it's there and how man's fascination has led us to taking our first steps on its surface.
ROCKET FACTORY 1; is offered to groups of no more than 40 pupils for practical reasons.
The session includes an introduction to the mechanics of flight and the design of rockets.
Our rocket factory lets every pupil build a rocket of their own and then have an opportunity to fly their rockets from a compressed air cannon and can take them home with them at the end of the day.
SCIENCE QUEST; is a practical and fun packed educational experience for school children at KS1 or KS2. Using models and activities they can explore the world of the Physical Sciences in the following Science Quests…
COSMIC CHEMISTRY; consisting of demonstrations, videos and activities on the theme of space related chemistry and geology.
STARDOME; consisting of an interactive tour of our universe from the comfort of our mobile planetarium.